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Virtual Server Hosting

CONSERVE Energy with Virtual Server Hosting from S6 Technologies

Countless companies are making the switch to virtual servers because they operate more intelligently, quicker, and more effectively. When you convert from physical servers to combining data from those servers to all virtual machines, this means less power consumption and waste, while minimizing your business’ carbon footprint.

S6 Technologies virtual server hosting services are comprised of virtual desktop delivery, backup and disaster recovery, hardware/software updates and maintenance, virtual app hosting, and much more. Our virtual environments provide you with cost effective scaffolding.

choose our virtual server hosting services to maximize your operations budget.

performance Benefits of Virtual IT Server Hosting

acquire STrength & protection

We ensure any software issues are separate both to and from your environment. You are protected from other cloud servers and they are unable to be harmed by your system. In the event other users overwork their cloud servers, there is no impact on you because you have steadfast resources and guaranteed stability.


Cloud servers are never impacted by typical server hardware issues. You are provided with  stable, quick, and safe benefits that come with cloud computing which means you yield the best strength-to-cost standard.


There are several benefits of cloud servers. Additionally, you are provided more resources and the servers run faster. They also are easily scaffolded and any upgrades to CPU, memory, and disk space is almost effortless.