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Server Migration & Deployment Services

Making it simple to get rid of the old to bring in the new

Time is valuable and wasting it on waiting around for pages to load or issues with compatibility, this means changing out old servers could be the key to saving time and headaches. When migrating from old servers to ones that are new or completely converting to a different IT system, overwhelm doesn’t have to be the norm.

Allow S6 Technologies certified professionals ensure your server or IT transition is smooth without losing productivity time. We handle all of it, every step of the way. Whether it’s maintaining your data and documents stored on old servers, installation of new hardware and software on your system, or performing system configuration and testing, S6 Technologies makes sure your IT stays at optimal performance. Included with our server migration and deployment services are PCs and Macs, cloud solutions, data center, network cabling installations and more. Trust S6 Technologies every step of the way to get and keep you on the right path of effectiveness and efficiency.

Get fast, efficient server migration and deployments with S6 Technologies.

What you can anticipate from Our Server Migration and Deployment Services


Our team of professionals know how to ensure that every step of your migration and deployment occurs swiftly and seamlessly. Attempting to handle it on your own can cause delays, longer downtime and could take days to go through the entire process. This means while your attention is on migrating your data, little focus is being placed on the work that matters most to you. With S6 Technologies at the helm, you can stay focused on your most important business tasks while we take care of the IT process.

make data transfer simple

In the process of expanding your business? If you’re expanding to additional offices or moving to a new location, S6 Technologies makes moving easy. We make sure your data and all files are safely transferred and complete. We will have you up and running before you unpack your last box and are ready to open your doors.


The latest technology is efficient in making thing run quicker with better performance. However, this is the case when systems are properly migrated and deployed. Which means, a skilled team of IT experts is what’s needed to get the job done. We believe measure twice, cut once and as a result, your systems are guaranteed to run flawlessly.