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IT Consulting Services

Providing IT Consulting in Houston, Katy, sugarland & Richmond

There is a constant stream of information and endless options that can make it difficult to sort through and find what technologies work best for the unique needs of your business to reach the goals you’ve set in place. It can be overwhelming to find the best technology solutions and oftentimes costly when the wrong tech support is chosen. This causes unnecessary pain in the neck and the wallet.

S6 Technologies provides stellar IT consulting services to the Houston, Richmond, Katy, Sugarland areas. We go beyond basic support and consulting services; we guide you in making the crucial technology decisions that benefit your business. We put our over a decade long experience to work for you through expert consulting and guidance throughout the entire IT process. Whether you’re brand new to the market and looking to obtain IT or are deciding if your current technology services and software are working like you need them to, we will provide you with expert tech industry know-how to assist you in making the decision that works best for your company. Whether you choose us as your IT provider or not, we want to make sure you have the knowledge at your fingertips and you know what your network needs so you can make an informed decision.

looking for guidance? Our IT consulting services will support you.

THE BENEFITS OF IT Consulting Services


Some IT consulting services lock you in with confusing contracts and hidden fees. S6 Technologies believes in quality over quantity. We provide consulting and managed IT services for a monthly fee that is budget-friendly and cost effective.  This monthly one-time fee is simple to factor into your business expenses and will not fluctuate unless you choose to make changes or upgrades to your customized solutions which means no unwelcomed budgeting surprises.

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Making changes to your IT support services has been on your mind. The thought of moving to the cloud has been an option but with different options like private, public, and hybrid servers, making the right decision doesn’t come easy. S6 Technologies share its extensive knowledge of options for storing your data through various cloud options and how these choices will affect your business. We offer our knowledge to assist you in making the decision that best fits your company’s both, short and long-term goals.


Technology is an ever-changing field. Which means that gaining new knowledge and understanding is constantly happening. S6 Technologies is aware you will have questions throughout the growth process. From researching cutting-edge technologies during your workday to reading a new tech article after work, our S6 Technologies team give you 24/7 access to our expertise and counsel you on the tech support you need.