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Virtualization Services Support

scale down so you can boost up production using Virtualization Solutions

Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) helps to separate the actual client device from the desktop environment and connected applications while running on a centralized server. VDI is an alternative of the standard client/server relationship which can be referred to as server-based computing.

Several organizations are looking into moving to virtualization for some or all their technology structures to experience the many benefits provided. Virtualization services maximize technology through the internet which creates higher system accessibility, faster installations, and focused application deployment and migration while being cost-effective. S6 Technologies provides expert VDI consulting services to make sure your business is on schedule and swift in services.

discover how to get virtually stress-free technology.

benefits of S6 Technologies Virtualization Services

accelerate Installations

It is a thing of the past to purchase new equipment and the order takes days or even weeks to be delivered and installed. S6 Technologies simplifies this process by configuring a new virtual machine, router, switch or storage drive and you’re all set-up.

Advanced Technology at your finger tips

Virtualization technologies create space and provide distance between storage, computing, networking hardware and the applications they support. You gain access to advanced technology without the hassle of additional equipment installation.

conserve Money and Energy

Reducing costs and energy use is on everyone’s minds. Your business can achieve this by having less physical servers, which help to conserve cost on power, maintenance fees, as well as data center space and other associated fees.

Disaster Recovery

S6 Technologies provides platforms with software that allow automated failover when a disaster happens and ensures all the proper measures are in place for a safe and secure recovery.