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Compliance Solutions

Maintain high It security and high standards

There are several strict standards and regulations set by HIPAA, PCI, and SOX. Ensuring your customers confidential data is crucial in meeting these standards. Any failure to stay compliant could mean a hard hit to your business’ financial structure. Not only do repercussions include high fees but can result in jail time in severe cases. We know there are many guidelines that can be confusing to navigate. We here at S6 Technologies equip your business not only with knowledge of how to stay compliant but also protect your business from those costly consequences from non-compliance. We do this by keeping your IT secure and routinely deploying solution aligned for compliance. Our main focus is to keep you, your team and your customers well-protected.

Noncompliance is a costly mistake—improve your standards with our compliance solutions.

benefits of Compliance Solutions

enhance SECURITY criteria

Preservation of critical data is vital to keeping in compliance with HIPAA, PCI, and SOX standards. Our S6 Technologies team assesses your multi-layer infrastructure and find which solutions fit best to repair vulnerabilities and reinforce security. Training is provided by our team to yours to ensure everyone is aware of potential threats, keeping your network compounded with safety.

boost COMPLIANCE awareness

Awareness is the key to change. If your business is unaware of what is expected to stay compliant, breaking compliancy can be an easy error. With the training our S6 Technology team offers, your business will learn, in-depth ways to stay compliant, how to secure data, and how to implement best practices.

manAGE DATA effectively

Maintaining a secure IT system as well as keeping your customer’s data confidential is only a piece of the puzzle. Our S6 Technologies team will uncomplicate the compliancy reporting process, auditing, and provide continuous training to keep you up to date and meeting regulations.

Minimize COSTS

As a business, broken compliance is not anyone’s intention. However, when this occurs, the repercussions can be financially devastating. Failure to comply can cost a business up to $1.5 million in HIPAA fines depending on the severity of non-compliancy. While PCI and SOX have lower fees in comparison, these can also add up and be costly to your business. S6 Technologies promises to help you to keep your business in compliance while keeping it cost effective.