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Managed Wi-Fi Services

let your Network help not hinder You

Using business resources and maintaining positive employee productivity are key components to every successful business. Make sure you get the most for your time and money when you integrate Wi-Fi networks into your IT infrastructure.

S6 Technologies constructs and implements a secure Wi-Fi network that aligns with your business’ financial goals. Having a network that is highly secure is critical which means we only allow exclusive access.

Our all inclusive wi-fi services include managing security, network and bandwidth control, and continuous automated updates. Management and configuration of your wireless network are also included.

S6 Technologies Wi-Fi networks make managing and maintaining your networks a clean and smooth process.

break the chains and find progress with Wi-Fi network with S6 Technologies.

benefits of S6 Technologies Managed Wi-Fi Services

Use mobility to your advantage

Allow mobility to be a perk of working for an already successful business. With access to multiple Wi-Fi enabled devices, your team will feel the freedom of working from any space. Access to mobility fuels productivity and teamwork while maintaining flexibility and allowing your employees to access current information and connection.

cut the bonds of wires

The most productive workspace is a clean and organized one. With the ever-growing need for tech to maintain strong production, clutter from wires in walls, ceilings, and desks are rampant. With a Wi-Fi network, this eliminates the distracting clutter and clears up your space leaving a work environment free of switches, plugs, wires, adapters, pins, and connectors.

level up effortlessly 

Wi-Fi networks provide your business with the opportunity to level up. Our networks range from peer-to-peer to complete infrastructure. Regardless of the size of your business, when your business grows, there will be ample room for users to so no matter how big or small your business is now, there’s always room for more users to advance in a larger area.